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Where to Buy Binoculars and How to Choose Binoculars at Affordable Prices


What kind of binocular and where to buy binoculars at the best price

where to buy binocularsBefore you figure out where to buy binoculars you first need to decide what you want in a binocular. What are you going to use the binocular for, how much do you want to spend, what features do you really need?  How to choose binoculars is another key area.

To find out the answer to these questions you need to do some research. There are many different types of binoculars. Some reasons to buy your binoculars are for star gazing binoculars, hunting, watching nature, sporting events or even enforcing the law.

Whatever your reason, look at some of the different binocular options below.

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Magnification and Lens diameter

Binoculars use a magnification power for reference. This lets you know how much closer the object will appear.

For example: a reference of 7 x 25 will tell you that the object is magnified 7 times and will appear that much closer. The number 25 is the diameter of the front lens. The front lens is what allows light to enter into the binocular. The more light that enters the viewing area, the larger the field of view will be.

Two things you should be aware of:

  • The higher the magnification the harder to find and follow moving objects. 
  • The larger the lens diameter the heavier the binocular. 

Field of view

The field of view is how much you can see at 1,000 yards through the binoculars. The higher the magnification can generally mean less field of view. The wide field of view is best for observing wildlife. For reference, 9 degrees is considered wide and the lower the number the smaller the field of view.


Brightness is the amount of light your binoculars let in. 7mm is best for low light viewing. 3 – 5 mm is best for normal viewing.


You can buy binoculars that offer a fixed focus lens. For many people this is very convenient but you are unable to change the focus if needed. For manual focus glasses you can use the center knob to focus both barrels at the same time. You can also change the diopter ring that is located near the front lens of the right eyepiece. This allows you to change the focus for each eye.

Now that you have some good information on binoculars you can narrow down your search on where to buy binoculars. By knowing what you want, you can search stores based on specialty or you may even choose to go to a general discount store if you are looking for a basic binocular.

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